Ignore Whitespace Mode

Ignore Whitespace Mode can be enable from the toolbar, Flags Menu, or in Scripts. When enabled, Search and Replace will ignore extra spaces and \r (CR), \n (LF), \t (Tab) characters between whole words. This allows you to easily find, for example, the string “IMG SRC=” in both

    bgcolor=”#FFFFCC”><IMG SRC=”divider.jpg” width
                SRC=”divider2.jpg” width

without using a regular expression search.


  • Replaces done with Ignore Whitespace ON do not replace the intervening extra spaces, or \r \n \t characters. In the example above, a replace involving “IMG SRC=” with Ignore Whitespace ON would remove the CR-LF and extra spaces in the second instance. You may wish to use this behavior to your advantage, perhaps to clean up files. If you do not want this to occur during a replace, use a Regular Expression search/replace instead.

  • When Regular Expressions is turned on, Ignore Whitespace is not available.

  • Your search string must contain one (or more) of the ‘ignore strings’ in the position(s) where the whitespace characters exist in your file(s) for Ignore Whitespace to work. For example, Ignore Whitepace would not locate the search string “SRC=”divider.jpg” separated across two lines because no spaces are present.

Ignore Whitespace Mode