Save (& Print) the Search Results List

There are several ways to save the Search Results to a file:

1. Highlight one or more lines in the Search Results and press Ctrl+C. This function is also available in the Context Menu and the Edit Menu. The clipboard contents can then be pasted into another editor.

2. The Search Results can be saved to a text file by specifying a path & file to write the results to in the “Write Output to File” field under Output Options. The display options specified under Output Options will be reflected in the output file, e.g., options such as whether filenames are included and the delimiters to use before &/or after search “hits.”

3. You may also dump the Search Results to a printer by entering the phrase “Default Printer” (case insensitive, no quote characters) in the “Write Output to File” field. See Print Function for more information.


  • The clipboard copy, data saved to a file, or output sent to the printer are in plain text form. If you need colored output please try HTML Output. See View Results as HTML for more information.

  • When one or lines from the Search Results List is copied to the clipboard the program also includes information about the Search/Replace strings, Mask/Path, and special settings in the clipboard material. If you have version 5.0+ you can modify this behavior using the “Copy Header Info” registry switch.

Save Search Results