Undo Last Replacement

The last replacements made can be reversed in some instances using a batch file named “SRUNDO.BAT” that is automatically generated with each replace operation. In older versions of Search and Replace the ‘SRUNDO.BAT’ file was written to the same subdirectory as backup path (see Replace Options). In version 6.5 ‘SRUNDO.BAT’ is written to

C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Search and Replace


C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Local Settings\Application Data\Search and Replace

depending on your operating system.

You can run SRUNDO.BAT manually from Explorer, the Start Menu ‘Run’ function, File Manager, or a command shell.

SRUNDO.BAT should be used with care and you should not rely on it as a guaranteed safety net for recovery from poorly planned replacement operations.

Important Notes:

  • SRUNDO.BAT is not created if you do not have a Backup Path established in Replace Options.

  • For Script operations involving more than one replacement, SRUNDO.BAT will only reverse the last replacement step.

  • SRUNDO.BAT is intended for advanced users.

  • SRUNDO.BAT cannot be run from within Search and Replace itself. You must run it manually.

  • In some network arrangements the success of SRUNDO.BAT may be affected by network access parameters and drive mapping permissions. For example, under some networking arrangements, although Search and Replace works OK using UNC paths, command shell rights for those same UNC paths may not be present. Consider mapping your network paths to a drive letter.

Undo Replacements