Internal Context Viewer

This dialog allows you to view and edit (registered version only) the lines around where the search string was found. Click on the graphic below for help or scroll your display down for additional details.

Note: With v 4.6+ you can configure the program to use the external editor specified in the Options|General ”If no association use” field in lieu of the internal context viewer. See External Context Viewer for more information.

Search & Replace vcontxt1 shg View Context Dialog

To activate the View Context dialog, highlight a search string find in the Search Results area of the main window and then either double click or select View Context from the right click menu or the View Menu. The Enter key also activates the context viewer.

The context viewer displays text only. However, Search and Replace will automatically detect binary files and launch our freeware companion utility, HexView, which can display and print any file as a hex dump. HexView can be downloaded from our web site at

The display font and number of lines to view in the View Context dialog is configurable under General Options.

You can perform the usual editing operations in this field by using the keyboard as follows:









The following keyboard shortcuts are available:


Previous Search hit


Next Search hit

Details on the View Context Dialog Fields:

Save button: The changes will be made (registered version only). If the file is in a ZIP file, it is extracted to a subdirectory of the path specified in Options. If you edit a file in a ZIP you must then update the ZIP manually since it is NOT automatically updated. If you need a ZIP utility, take a look at our own Directory Toolkit.

Cancel button: The changes will not be made.

Page Up button: Displays the block of lines above the current block. The PgUp key on your keyboard does the same thing.

Page Down button: Displays the block of lines below the current block. The PgDn key does the same thing.

View Context Dialog