Whole Word Mode

Whole Word Mode can be enable from the toolbar, Flags Menu, or in Scripts. When enabled, Search and Replace searches for strings you provide surrounded by <space> or one of the other characters listed below. The most common use of Whole Word is to find a string but not if that string is present within another ‘word’. For example, when Whole Word is not enabled, a search for ‘plane’ finds that string in ‘airplane’, ‘planes’, ‘planet’, etc. When enabled, none of these hits would occur.

Whole Word Mode is also used to carry out Direct Boolean Expressions.


  • Whole Word Mode is not available when Regular Expression mode is enabled.

  • The delimiter characters are (using the ASCII table):
    <000> thru / : thru @ [ thru ` { thru ¿

  • Spaces are interpreted literally. For example, ‘find me’ looks for that literal phrase, not the single words ‘find’ and ‘me’.  

Whole Word Mode