Clipboard Search Replace

Search and Replace can do search/replace on the contents of the Windows Clipboard.

To do this:

1. Copy the text you are interested in to the Windows Clipboard using your routine method such as CTRL+C.

2. Switch to Search and Replace and establish the Search for: &/or Replace with: strings. You can also load a script or Favorites entry. Regular Expressions and any of the other settings such as Case Sensitive, Match Whole Word, etc. can be activated. The File Mask & Path fields can be anything – these are not used for Clipboard Search-Replace.

3. Press SHIFT+CTRL+H simultaneously.

4. If a search hit is found and if you have replacement confirmations enabled, Search and Replace will prompt you to make a replacement in a temporary file in your Windows Temp path. Permit the program do so (if you want the replace to happen)

5. Switch back to your other application where you will make use of the changed clipboard contents and paste it in using your routine method such as CTRL+V.

Clipboard Search Replace