Progress Meter

A progress meter is displayed as Search and Replace processes your files.

Search & Replace progress shg Progress Meter

A progress meter is not displayed when the program is launched from the command line in ‘Minimized mode‘.

You can disable the progress meter during interactive use from Options-General.

Please be patient when operating on very large files. Many factors can affect program speed: The complexity of your operation; The size of the files involved; Network speed; Available memory on your machine; Processor speed; Other tasks running on your machine.

Tips to speed up performance on large files include:

  • Disable ‘Display First Hit Line’ in Options-Output. If you need a listing of search results, using an output file.

  • When using scripts, several smaller scripts with fewer steps per script may be faster than one very large script.

  • Use Complex File Masks or Filters to narrow your list of files to search if you know some files can be ruled out.

  • If network speed is an issue, copy the files to a local path to perform your operation.

Progress Meter