UTF-8 Files

Search and Replace v 4.6+ automatically detects if a file is UTF-8 format if the name extension of the file .xml. Searches and replaces will be handled seamlessly in most cases, with the following notes:

  • If the file is Unicode it is handled as a unicode file.

  • If HTML Mode is enabled the program does not use UTF-8 special handling.

  • If an “Encoding=”iso-….” statement at the top of the file the program will try to determine the file type according to the Encoding= statement and handle it accordingly.

  • The internal Context Viewer may not display all characters properly. You might want to configure the program to use your external editor/viewer instead of the internal context viewer when working with UTF-8 files. See External Context Viewer for more information.

  • Single ? characters during regular expression mode search/replace may not work properly if the character being found is an extended character. Use ?? instead. ? combined with the [ ] range operator will be OK.

  • The program’s input fields and basic output will not allow you to easily deal with characters that are not available for your Windows language installation. For example, UTF-8 file or not, a user running a US English Windows installation will not be able to deal with a Chinese Big 5.

UTF-8 Files