Actions Menu

The Search and Replace Actions Menu has the following items:

Search: Select this to start a search.

Search and Replace: Select this to start a search and replace. We recommend that if you use this feature you also enter a backup path in the Replace Options dialog.

Touch: Select this item to Touch the files found by your file mask(s), path, & filter options settings. You will be prompted for a date, time, and file attributes to use for all the files described by your settings. Using Touch from here affects all files that meet the above criteria. If you want to touch specific files, perform a search, highlight one or more files in the Search Results list, and use ‘Touch Selected Files’ on the context menu.

File Operations: Activates the File Operations dialog on the highlighted files.

Delete Files From Backup Path: Delete all files in the current backup path (Options|Replace). A prompt is offered but take care – Deletions are permanent!!

Exit: Select this to exit Search and Replace.

Action Menu