Edit Menu

The Search and Replace Edit Menu has the following items:

Copy Search Results: Select this to copy the Search Results (if any) to the clipboard. If the Search Results list contains nothing, this item is not available. Ctrl+C does the same thing.

Print Search Results List: Print the Search Results. Ctrl+P does the same thing.

Save Search Results: Select this to save the search results in a text file of your choice. Ctrl+S does the same thing. The program defaults to a file named ‘Results’.txt’ but you can change this if you want. The program also includes information about the Search/Replace, File Mask/Path, and special settings in the output. This behavior can be changed via a special see Registry Switch — the Copy Header Info switch. Please note that the output is plain text. If you need output with coloring, try the HTML Output function.

View Results as HTML: Send the Search Results to an automatically generated HTML file and launch your default web browser.

Find In Search Results: Activates a find dialog to do simple searching in the search results list. F3 also launched the same dialog.

Swap Strings: Swap the Search For: and Replace With: strings. Ctrl+W does the same thing.

Edit Menu