Favorites Menu

The Favorites Menu can be used to easily load scripts or search/replace string -& mask/path settings by selecting them from the list of entries.

To create a new entry:

1. Establish either your search/replace string -& mask/path settings or load an existing script via the Script Editor. If you load an existing script be sure to click on the “Use Script” button.

2. Select ‘Add to Favorites’ in the Favorites menu. Supply any name you wish.

To modify existing entries:

1. Select ‘Organize Favorites’ from the Favorites menu.

2. In the dialog (below) you can rename or delete entries. The Edit button will open the highlighted script in the Search and Replace Script Editor.

Search & Replace fav1 shg Favorites Menu


  • Physically, Favorites are stored as scripts under the name specified. You can manually edit these if you like. Use caution if a Favorites script references a script located elsewhere.

  • The status of Case Sensitive , Subdirectory Search, Whole Word, Regular Expressions, Search Zips, and HTML Mode are saved with a Favorites script. Additional program options are not saved in the scripts.

  • The physical path used for Favorites can be adjusted from Options-General.

  • You can manually add script files to the physical \Favorites path but this usage is not supported. You must use the file name extension .srs or the program will not see your manually added script.

  • If you manually add a script file to the Favorites path and Search and Replace does not ‘see’ your addition in the Favorites list, select Organize Favorites in to refresh the list. Alternately, you can exit and restart the program to update the list.

  • The standard list is limited to 20 entries. If you have more than 20 in your collection, select the ‘More Favorites’ entry. This will open a ‘Select Favorites‘ dialog that can then be used for selecting an entry from the entire list.

  • The sort order if the Favorites is alphabetical (ascending). The sort order currently cannot be changed. File names that begin with numbers come first so if you wish to ‘force’ a Favorite to be first in the list, use Windows Explorer or your file manger to rename the physical file so the name begins with ’01 ‘ . Exit and restart Search and Replace or click on the Favorites – Organize button to update the list with your name change(s).

Favorites Menu