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Search & Replace sricon2 Other Funduc Products Search & Replace

Search and Replace is our award winning utility loved by programmers, webmasters, and novice computer users alike. If you need to find and replace text, or just find text, this utility is a must have.

Search and Replace looks through multiple files for a string and can also replace it with another string. It can search subdirectories and ZIP files and do case sensitive or insensitive searches. Extensive support for regular expression (egrep) search & replacement includes operations that span more than one line, insertion of the path & filename during replacements, and incrementing number replacements. Binary search & replace mode can be combined with regular expressions. Precise control over replacements is available through multiple confirmation options and a built-in context viewer that allows you to view replacements in- context, before they are made. An HTML Mode can be used to make html special character code substitutions during search/replace. Ignore Whitespace mode makes it convenient to handle spaces & cr-lf during non-regular expression operations. A built-in script editor makes frequent &/or complex multi-step search/replace operations easy to prepare. Advanced script operations include a boolean expression evaluator that provides additional control over which files are processed by the script. Advanced scripts also allow you to specify the program options in effect, insert comments in scripts, and perform iterative script operations. Multiple file masks and file date & size filters can be used to include &/or exclude files during regular and scripted operations. The internal context viewer includes a build-in editor for editing text files. The full complement of command line switches (including script launching) is ideal for network managers & advanced users. Other functions include: “Touch” files (change time/date stamp & file attributes); Preservation of original file date during replacements; Replacements on backup path files instead of the originals; Output reports to monitor operations; Shell extensions to launch Search & Replace from Explorer and the Find Menu; and more. A detailed help file with examples are included. Several foreign language interface are available from ttp://

Search and Replace has received several awards from WUGNET® (Windows User Group Net) Windows NT Shareware Pick of the Week (, Windows Magazine ( Superior Shareware, and has been featured several times in Lockergnome’s Free Windows 95/NT E-zine ( It has a ZDNet Hotfiles ( of 5 stars, & a TUCOWS ( 5 Cow rating.

Search & Replace srxicon Other Funduc Products Search and Replace Regular Expression Wizard

Search and Replace Regular Expression Wizard is a step-by-step wizard to help you build regular expressions for use in Search and Replace. The expressions can be constructed from a menu of operators having English language counterparts. The impact of the operators is displayed in color coded form on a sample text you provide. You can move back & forth between search operators – replace operators – final results to adjust your expressions as necessary. When finished, the final expressions are inserted into the corresponding Search and Replace fields if Search and Replace is running. The Wizard itself is freeware. Documentation requires a one time purchase. Search and Replace Regular Expression Wizard is available in 32-bit and 64-bit (x64) versions for Windows XP and above.

Search & Replace dticon1 Other Funduc Products Directory Toolkit

Directory Toolkit is a multipurpose directory comparison and file manager that provides features missing from Windows. It displays single directory lists or side- by-side directory comparisons using color coding for alike, different, or missing files. Comparisons can be based on dates or a binary file analysis of file content. You can copy, move, & rename files while retaining long filenames and six built-in synchronize functions simplify updating directories. Built-in archive functions, with Explorer shell extensions, let you create & manage archives from Explorer and use Directory Toolkit as your primary archive manager for supported archives (zip, tar, gz, lz (read only), & cab). File operations and directory comparison functions work seamlessly on files in archives, e.g., no need to manually extract files first. Other features include statistics for file counts and path sizes; Ignoring filename case during comparisons; Explorer compatible OLE drag n Drop; Split/Concatenate files to/from diskettes; Encode/Decode UENCODE, Base64(Mime), BinHex(Mac), XXENCODE and yEnc formats, (Decode also includes quoted-printable, 7 bit unencoded, & plain text); An integrated comparison viewer for a color coded display of the actual differences in files; Safe physical sort of directories; Touch files (change time/date & attributes stamps); Find duplicate files on a drive; Open files and launch applications; Multiple include/exclude file masks and the ability to include/exclude files based on size and date; Command line switches & script functions to automate comparisons & synchronize operations & control program options in effect via batch files; Configurable output file and print functions to create reports of single and comparison directory lists; Detects & runs (optionally) setup programs in archives; Display file version information including 8.3 file name equivalents; File numbering to number files sequentially based on adjustable sort order and a user defined starting value. Help file with examples included. International versions are available from

Directory Toolkit has been a winner of the WUGNET® Windows NT Shareware Pick of the Week for (, WUGNET® Windows95 Best Choice Shareware for the week, and featured Lockergnome’s Free Windows 95/NT E-zine ( It has a ZDNet Hotfiles ( of 5 stars.

Search & Replace dticon1 Other Funduc Products Funduc Software ZIP Extractor

Funduc Software ZIP Extractor is Z
IP “self-extractor stub” that lets you turn your ZIP files into a self-extracting executable that will automatically unZIP the archive when launched. This allows you to share your zip files with another person who might not have an unzip software on their computer &/or who might have only occasional use for an unzip tool. The self-extractor allows some or all files to be extracted and can create the paths in the zip file (default) or “flatten” the directory structure (unzip into a single path).

Search & Replace sricon2 Other Funduc Products Replace Studio

Replace Studio Pro and Replace Studio Business are cousins to our award winning Search and Replace utility. Both programs search through one or more files for a string and can replace that string with another string. Choices for search settings include: Subdirectory Search; Archive Search (Zip, Tar, Tar.Gz, Tar.Z, Tgz, Taz); Case Sensitive; Whole Word; Ignore Whitespace; HTML Mode. File Masks and file size &/or date Filter settings are available for further choices about the files to be processed. Like Search and Replace, the Replace Studio utilities have regular expression (egrep) search & replacement functionality for complex search/replaces. A Favorites menu (Pro version) and script editor simplifies user control over frequent &/or complex multi-step search/replace operations. Replacements in files in supported archives can be done directly – no need to manually extract files first. A built-in Context Viewer allows you to view &/or manually edit the files found by the search. The many additional options include: Preservation of original file date during replacements; Replacements on backup path files instead of the originals; Output reporting; Control over results list sorting; File Operations (Pro version) on files found by the search; Launch Explorer on the search results path of a file; Settings to use alternative viewer/editor on found files; Automatic locale-based international versions for supported languages; and more. Replace Studio comes in 32-bit and 64-bit versions for Windows XP and above. Replace Studio Pro is intended for use as a graphical interface program. Although Replace Studio Business Edition also has a graphical user interface, the Business Edition is oriented towards script-based & command line use, where a graphical interface is not necessarily required by the user.

Search & Replace rtticon Other Funduc Products Resource Translation Toolkit

Resource Translation Toolkit (RTT) is utility to simply translation work on po, rc, and tmx files. Various translation suites are available but they are expensive or limited to a single file type. Resource Translation Toolkit is low cost and can work with multiple file types. The program runs on Windows 2000 and above, is small in size (approx 3 MB including support files), and does not place extensive demands on your computer. RTT uses a ‘Translation Memory’ file, which can be in a TMX or POT format. The program simplifies translation by first removing mnemonics (accelerator keys), shortcut keys (such as Ctrl+C) and punctuation characters from menu and other control text, sorting and consolidating duplicates and presenting them for translation.

Search & Replace rticon1 Other Funduc Products Registry Toolkit

Registry Toolkit lets you search &/or replace and edit the Windows registry. You can specify the data types to process, start key, case sensitive, whole word. Regular expression operations using an egrep-type syntax are also available. You can create/edit keys, values, &/or data manually if you wish. A unique ‘operations’ function lets you move/copy/delete/export values you select. For example, you can copy/move keys from one location in the registry to another. The program now maintains multiple ‘undo’ files that can be used to reverse previous changes (10 is the default). An automatic ‘last change’ undo is available from the program GUI. Replaces can be previewed in advance, in-context. Replaces can also be previewed in the context of an overall search – a comparison dialog then lets you select/deselect specific operations to perform before making the overall replace. The program can print search & registry browse results. The .reg import function allows you to compare existing data vs. data to be imported – specific items can then be selected/deselected. The .reg export function can be used to make special .reg files that delete keys when merged via Registry Toolkit or our new Registry Toolkit Merge program (see our web site). The various program comparison dialogs are configurable and their contents can be copied to the windows clipboard. The program can read DOS environment variables and use them in a search/replace. Script file & command line functions are available for automated &/or complex operations. Registry Toolkit will operate on a remote registry (if you have permission to do so). A German interface is available.

Search & Replace rtmicon Other Funduc Products Registry Toolkit Merge

Registry Toolkit Merge is a companion program for Registry Toolkit. Registry Toolkit Merge is a command line that merges .reg files into the Windows registry. Registry Toolkit Merge is unique because it can be used to create self-contained, self-importing .exe’s. When clicked on, the .reg information is imported into the registry (after confirmation). This is be useful, for example, if you need to distribute a .reg file to others but are worried that they might not know how to import a .reg file manually. Alternatively, a .reg file can be passed to the program from the command line. Like Registry Toolkit, the program can be used to apply .reg files that will delete keys from the registry or copy/move them to another location — tasks that cannot be accomplished easily by the regedit.exe .reg merge function that comes with Windows.

Search & Replace fsicon Other Funduc Products Folder Synchronize

Folder Synchronize is a command-line utility useful to network administrators and other power users. It provides a subset of the functions in our Directory Toolkit utility, namely, the comparison & synchronize functions. We created Folder Synchronize for those who needed those functions but not the GUI interface & other functions of Directory Toolkit such as archive management, file operations, etc. Folder Synchronize is available in 32-bit and 64-bit (x64) versions for Windows XP and above.

Folder Synchronize can synchronize two paths using one of 6 synch methods. The program can also do a comparison-only. This is useful with the output report functio
n. When the output report is enabled it will contain a summary of the path comparison &/or a summary of the file operations carried out by the synchronize. Other features include: Switchable display (or not) of a progress meter; A custom bitmap & message of your choice can be displayed on the screen while an operation progresses; A ‘No Cancel’ switch can be used to make it less easy for a procedure to be interrupted; Require (or not) confirmation of file operations; Complex include/exclude file masks that let you include/exclude some file or subdirectories while including others; Multiple operations can be submitted to the program via multiple ‘configuration files’.

Search & Replace fsicon Other Funduc Products Folder Synchronize Script Editor

The ‘Script Editor’ is used to generate (or edit) script files that can then be used with Folder Synchronize or our Directory Toolkit utility. The script switches are presented in an organized arrangement. The display of related switches can be collapsed/expanded for readability. Folder Synchronize Script Editor is available in 32-bit and 64-bit (x64) versions for Windows XP and above.

Search & Replace apicon Other Funduc Products Application Mover

Application Mover is a tool that relocates installed programs from one path to another on your hard disk. Application Mover takes files found one path and moves them to another that you specify. Application Mover scans the windows registry for references to old file location and adjust the registry to the new location. Application Mover also scans all windows shortcuts in the Start Menu and adjusts those as well. *.ini and *.log files present in the program’s path are updated to reflect the new location of your program. Application Mover is available in 32-bit and 64-bit (x64) versions for Windows XP and above.

Search & Replace aiicon Other Funduc Products Application Inventory

Application Inventory is a utility that scans your system for program .exe files and generates a configurable report about the files that were located. Optional follow-up scans are then initiated to cross-reference the initial scan results with windows .lnk shortcuts and/or references in the windows registry. Further details on files are available from Properties and References dialogs. Include and exclude filters are available to define the initial search by path &/or string(s) found in file version information. The fields included in the initial file scan are configurable. Results be sorted, copied to the clipboard, printed, or saved in a delimited file you specify. Application Inventory can also launch windows explorer on the path containing a file in the results list. Although Application Inventory is intended as a reporting tool, various windows properties sheets can be launched that allow you to make edits to file or shortcut properties. The program defaults to scanning for .exe files but a special switch is available to scan for another file type that you specify. Application Inventory is available in 32-bit and 64-bit (x64) versions for Windows XP and above.

Search & Replace dficon Other Funduc Products Duplicate File Finder

Duplicate File Finder is utility  that locates duplicate files on in one or more paths. Unlike other utilities that only check file names, Duplicate File Finder performs a binary comparison of file contents and can locate files that are alike regardless of names. The path(s) to scan is configurable by file path and file mask(s) and filter settings can be used to include/exclude files by date, size, attribute. Results can be saved to a tab delimited file. Supplementary functions include launching files, deleting files to the recycle bin, opening Explorer on a path, and examining file properties. Duplicate File Finder is available in 32-bit or 64-bit (x64) versions for Windows XP and above.

Search & Replace dbcicon Other Funduc Products FSDBMgr – A Freeware Database Manager for SQLite

FSDBMrg (Funduc Software Database Manager) is an open source, customizable database manager for SQLite. The source code and compiled working demo with a sample database is available on our www site. SQLite was our choice for the database but the program can be easily modified to work with any database for which an ADO .Net provider is available. The demo code includes functions to: Find & modify customer and purchase history; Importing records saved in text format; Saving and running custom SQL; Generating pdf receipts; Tracking sales tax.

Search & Replace fmicon1 Other Funduc Products File Merge Express

File Merge Express is a file comparison and merge utility for 32 bit Windows. The program displays a contents comparison of two files and can (optionally) create a third file, ‘Merge File’ that consists of the merge of the two files being compared. The Merge File can (optionally) be opened in the built-in text (or binary) editor. The program has options for file naming of the Merge File, including automatic naming when the two source files for the comparison have the same name. The Compare Files dialog is also used to establish parameters such line prefixes, colors, orientation of the preview, etc. Command line parameters are available to specify files to compare or a script file to use. The program can also be launched from the Windows Explorer right click menu. File Merge Express will also supplement our Directory Toolkit utility. If both programs are installed, Directory Toolkit’s file contents comparison will automatically employ File Merge Express, which has more features than Directory Toolkit’s internal routine. File Merge Express is available in 32-bit and 64-bit (x64) versions for Windows XP and above.

Search & Replace daicon Other Funduc Products Delivery Agent

Delivery Agent is a send-only e-mail program, with mail merge functions, for use by web site managers, network administrators, customer relations and support personnel, etc. The program is used to deliver frequently used, customer-requested e-mail messages (& MIME attachments) such as newsletters, product delivery & announcements, support notes, etc. Messages can be sent to one or more users by selecting a message fr
om a list and entering the users’ address. The program can read a text file containing a list of addresses for bulk delivery. Recipients of bulk deliveries are shielded from seeing the other recipients in the list. The program checks a POP e-mail account prior to sending message via SMTP – useful for servers that ‘validate’ the users current IP address prior to mail relays. Version 3.0 adds MAPI support. When activated, the program will route outgoing messages to your primary MAPI-aware e-mail program. Mail merge field name definitions, variable names, and data are stored in a single file containing the data and e-mail addresses. Variable names can be anything you like (except for the name of the e-mail address field). Mail Merge ‘Constants’ can also be defined. The program has a customizable header function that can be used to send web mail’ or ‘HTML mail’. The “To: ” field can also be customized for bulk, non- mail merge deliveries. Port settings to use and maximum number of recipients per block can be configured manually. Settings and messages can be created via the program GUI or, once you are familiar with the program, via an external text editor. A full complement of command line switches allows the program to be incorporated into your .bat routines. A log file of deliveries can be enabled (or not).

Search & Replace sdicon1 Other Funduc Products Shortcut Doctor

Shortcut Doctor allows you to check your Windows links/shortcuts and see which contain targets which can no longer be found. The program can then delete the shortcuts, resolve them, or carry out search/replace operations to modify shortcut fields with or without validation of new paths. Network Drive mappings can be inserted in the Replace dialog automatically. Individual shortcuts can be edited and all shortcuts on a drive can be displayed, regardless of whether they are valid or not. Explorer Internet URLS can also be checked for problems. CD-ROM drives, network drives, and specific paths can be ignored during processing. Includes an Empty Recent Documents button. Script files, run from the command line, allow you to do multiple operations, control program options, and easily specify complex paths. A German interface is available. Shortcut Doctor is available in 32-bit and 64-bit (x64) versions for Windows XP and above.

Search & Replace eeicon4 Other Funduc Products Funduc Explorer Extensions

Explorer Extensions is a collection of enhancements for the Windows Explorer right-click context menu: a) Encode and Decode Email attachments – support for UUENCODE, Base64(Mime), BinHex(Mac), XXENCODE, quoted-printable, 7 bit unencoded, & plain text, b) Split and Concatenate large files into smaller ones for storage on floppies & visa versa. Split can be based on file size or a string found in a file, c) Touch files – change the time, date, & attributes of files. Touch can add (or subtract) a user specified time value from the current file time. d) File Operations – copy/move/rename/delete files using complex file masks. The program can also change the case of file names & number files. Explorer Extensions is available in 32-bit and 64-bit (x64) versions for Windows XP and above. A German version is available.

Search & Replace dbicon Other Funduc Products Drive Bar

Drive Bar allows you to conveniently open views of your drives in the Windows Explorer. Drive Bar’s Auto Hide function allows it to disappear from view when not in use so that it does not take up screen space. Drive Bar is resizable and can be set to remain visible at all times. It can also be set to launch alternative file manager programs in lieu of Windows Explorer, launch views as “Tiled” or not, ignore specified drives in the list of drive icons, and run automatically at Windows startup.

Search & Replace uticon Other Funduc Products Update Toolkit

Update Toolkit is a multi-purpose application intended for administrators network managers. This program was created for those who need some or all of the separate functions of our Folder Synchronize, Shortcut Doctor, Registry Toolkit, and Search and Replace utilities under one command line application. Operations are controlled by scripts and are highly configurable. While Update Toolkit can be used on individual machines, it is oriented toward ‘logon-script’ operations for workstations. The program has no user interface and therefore is well suited for automated operations.

Search & Replace ccicon1 Other Funduc Products Count Characters (freeware)

Count Characters copies most Windows controls’ data to the clipboard! That’s just one of the features of this freeware program from Funduc Software. The program can report the type and content of some of the windows currently displayed on your desktop and for the most popular types of controls (including lists and trees) it can copy their contents to the clipboard. You can also copy the contents of password fields and regular text boxes. Cost: Fre.

Search & Replace decext Other Funduc Products Decode Shell Extension (freeware)

Decode Shell Extension is very popular freeware app is an extension for the Windows Explorer. The program allows you to decode Internet email attachments by right-clicking on a saved message file from Explorer and selecting Decode from the menu. The program supports multiple attachments, multi-part files (already concatenated), UUENCODED, Base64(MIME), BinHex (Mac format), quoted-printable, XXENCODED, plain text files, and User (table) encoded files. If the attachment contains only one file, Decode Shell Extension will offer to open it using either the associated program or Notepad. For virus safety reasons, it will not offer to launch .exe., .com, .bat, & .cmd files. You should scan decoded Word and Excel files with your anti-virus checker before loading them.

Search & Replace wsricon Other Funduc Products Word Search and Replace

Word Search and Replace is a freeware macro for Microsoft Word. It uses the ‘find and replace’ functions of MS Word to perform a search/replace in one or more files selected by a file mask supplied by the user. We created ‘WordSR’ for those who need to search/replace in Word documents only. The macro can use the W
ord ‘Pattern Matching’ regular expression switch. Case Sensitive and Whole Word search/replace is also possible

Search & Replace esricon Other Funduc Products Excel Search and Replace

Excel Search and Replace is a counterpart to our Word Search and Replace. This is a freeware macro for Microsoft Excel that searches (and replaces) in multiple .xls files using Excel’s built-in find & replace function.

Search & Replace psricon Other Funduc Products PowerPoint Search and Replace

PowerPoint Search and Replace rounds out our collection of freeware find and replace Office Macros. This macro is a PowerPoint .ppt file that works with MS PowerPoint files using the find and replace functions that are part of PowerPoint. You need to have the full version of PowerPoint installed. The macro can be run as a slide show but it will not work if you only have the PowerPoint Show Viewer from Microsoft.

Search & Replace tzicon Other Funduc Products TZAdjust (freeware)

TZAdjust, which stands for Time Zone Adjust, is a freeware app we created for users who find it necessary to make manual changes to the Windows time zone and ‘day light savings’ offset parameters. TZAdjust is probably of greatest interest to Windows NT-class users. NT/2000/XP returns time information as an offset from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). In addition, the OS automatically makes Daylight Savings compensations when reporting file times. One can disable “Automatically Adjust for Daylight Savings” entirely in the Windows Day/Time Properties dialog but there may be other instances where finer control over time zone and the daylight offset is desired. Do not use TZAdjust casually. Be sure to read the information in the ‘readme.txt’ before using this program.

Search & Replace fstouchicon Other Funduc Products FS Touch (freeware)

Funduc Software Touch is a free ‘touch’ utility to change the time/date & attribute stamps on one or more files. The program can be run from a graphics screen or from the command line. The program runs on Windows XP and above.

Search & Replace fshicon Other Funduc Products  FSHED (freeware)

FSHED is a freeware hex editor we created for users of our Search and Replace and Replace Studio Pro & Business windows grep utilities who needed a hex editor/viewer for use when search-replacing ‘binary’ files. FSHED is not intended to be a full featured programmers hex editor. But if you need a lightweight editor that is free, you are welcome to use it. Features include: Mutli-file editing; File Insert; File Revert; Bookmarks; Clipboard Paste choices; Block Selection; Search/Replace; Read only switch; Print Preview; Display Choices (Bytes per line, Offset length, ANSI/OEM, Little-Endian/Big-Endian, Font Size, Screen Colors; Command Line Switches, & more.

Search & Replace hexview Other Funduc Products HexView for Windows (freeware)

HexView is a multiple document Hexadecimal viewer that can display, print, and print preview any file as a hex dump. It is intended as a supplement for Search and Replace for Windows, however, it is a standalone app and does not require Search and Replace. A Japanese version is available.

Search & Replace ccicon1 Other Funduc Products Limit Edit (freeware)

Limit Edit expands upon the built-in limit feature for edit boxes & rich edit controls by letting you set your own maximum size settings for the amount of text permitted in edit boxes and rich edit controls. For example, Limit Edit can set a limit on the amount of text allowed in an instance of the Notepad text editor. The Limit Edit dialog also displays interesting information about the types of controls in use by a program. Although intended for edit boxes and rich edit controls only, it may also work on some other controls that are subclasses of these. Separate 16 and 32 bit version included.

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