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Additional Regular Expression Search Examples

Search String



line, list, lane, LogVar1 (when case sensitive is off)


non, no, on




Note: If used with Case Sensitive off, it will also match ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ


matches the same as the +[a-z] example above (regardless of case sensitive flag) and also all other special characters for Western European languages. See the Binary Mode dialog for the order of those characters in the ASCII table.


one, onetwo, twothree


one, two, three


Will match up to 32767 characters (on several lines) between Windows and 95.

All * replaces

all the replaces (the * character matches all chars on the same line unless a [] expression overrides that – see above)


Matches C style comments on several lines if necessary (up to 4069 characters)


01346.htm, 01.htm, 016965.htm


c, abc, bac, abbc, bbac


?include (<|\[)+[a-z0-9_].h*(p)+[\]>]

   #include [stdafx.h]
   #include <dos.h>
   #include [my_include.hpp]
   #include [sr32.h]

Additional Search Examples