Scripts – Iteration Operator

Script Loop=

Search and Replace v3.2+ has a special script operator, Script Loop=x, to permit a script to be repeated x number of times.

This operator is useful for situations where a search/replace string might not make all possible replacements on the first pass. This can happen, for example, when a * or *[] search operator in your overall regular expression search term spans text that includes a string component that you wish to have replacements done on. This can also happen if a replacement somehow impacts the next instance of a string that would be found by the search term.

Non-Regular Expression search/replaces would likely not be affected in this way.

The value can be larger than necessary. If no more search hits are found the program will stop the iterations.


Script Loop=x

where x = the number of times to repeat the script. Search and Replace does not have an internal limit for the maximum value. Use a value of -1 to cause the script to repeat indefinitely (not recommended). Press the ESC key to abort a running script.

The Script Loop= setting must be added manually, via an external text editor.

This switch must be the last item in the [Options] section of the script.

Be sure to reload the script into Search and Replace if are using that same script in Search and Replace and made a manual edit with an external editor.

See Scripts – Format of Script files for more detail. Here is a small sample script:

[Script for Search and Replace]
Script Loop=5
[Search /ix]
[End of Search and Replace Script]

Iteration Operator