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Search/Replace String Comment Dialog
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The Script Editor Comment dialog is used to specify comments for a search/replace string pair and/or specify a value for the number of times to repeat a search/replace action.

To activate the Script Comment dialog for a search/replace, click on the Comment field in the Script-Search/Replace tab.

To repeat a search/replace action, enter a value in the Repeat Action field. Repeat Action values can vary across search/replace actions if your script has multiple search/replace strings.

The default value is 1. If you edit your script manually with a text editor DO NOT specify a value of 0. If you want to disable a search/replace, uncheck the checkbox to the left of that search/replace entry in the program script editor or use the /g switch if you are making manual edits using a text editor.


  • See Format of Script Files for information about script syntax.

  • An overall comment – Script Description – that is entered at the top of the script via the Script-Advanced tab of the script editor.

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