Scripts – Special Date Filter

A special string, %%today%%, is available for the
Min Date Filter=
Max Date Filter=
switches in manually edited Search and Replace scripts.

%%today%% uses the current computer date for the respective filter setting. You can add or subtract days by specifying a +/- value before the ending %%.Examples: %%today-5%% uses a date filter of the current date minus 5 days; %%today+1%% adds one day to the current date.

You can use forms of %%today%% in both switches. Example:
Min Date Filter=%%today+5%%
Max Date Filter=%%today%%

Important Notes:

  • %today%% can only be specified by editing your script manually with a text editor. The program graphical interface currently does respect the string, %%today%%. If you load a script that uses %%today%% and look at the script in the internal script editor you will see the actual calculated dates.

  • If you revise a script via the script editor the save function will probably overwrite %%today%% specifications with the actual calculated dates. Please use care and keep a backup of your original script. You may have to manually revise it again with your text editor.

  • %today%% can be used in the GUI Options|Filters dialog. The program will convert your entry to an actual date when you close the dialog.

Special Date Filter