Scripts – SRDUMP.SRS File

To create a script file containing the current options settings, GUI search/replace strings, and GUI file mask/path criteria, do the following:

1. Hold the CTRL key and click on the Scripts toolbar button with your mouse.

2. The above will cause the script editor to open. Close the editor.

3. A file named ‘SRDUMP.SRS’ is generated in the ‘Program Work Path’ by Step 1. Unless you have taken special steps for a network installation, this is generally the same file path that the Search and Replace executable is (sr32.exe) is installed in. C:\Tools\SR is the default program installation path.

4. Use your file manager to copy/rename SRDUMP.SRS to another file.

You can use this file as a template for developing other scripts. This file is also useful for showing you the correct order of switches in the [Options] section.

Scripts are standard .txt files that you can open with your text editor. If you are also working on a given script in the script editor, be sure to reload it after editing it with an external editor.