Environment Variables

You can search for, or make replacements with, Environment Variables . Searches may be case sensitive or not and can use a Regular Expression strings.

The syntax is:

%%envvar=variable name%%

where variable name is the name of the environment variable to use.

For example, to search a string held in the environment variable temp, uses this search string:


If the value of your temp environment variable is C:\Users\tom\AppData\Local\Temp , search hits will occur wherever the string C:\Users\tom\AppData\Local\Temp is found in the files being searched. If Case Sensitive is on, C:\Users\tom\AppData\Local\Temp would be found but C:\USERS\TOM\APPDATA\LOCAL\TEMP would not.

To use the value of the environment variable SystemRoot in a replacement string, enter the string


in replacement text field. If the value of SystemRoot for your computer is variable is C:\WINDOWS, the string C:\WINDOWS would be used in replacements.

A regular expression operation involving the environment variables operators might be:


  %1 settings:\r\nTMP=%%envvar=tmp%%\r\nPROMPT=%%envvar=prompt%%\r\n

Environment Variables