The portion of Search and Replace that searches through Zip files is based on the work of the Info-Zip group and used with their permission. Thanks to the entire Info-Zip group, in particular to Jean-loup Gailly, Greg Roelofs, and Mark Adler. If you are interested, you can obtain the Info-Zip code from many sources, including: CompuServe (ibmpro forum); BIX: (ibm.pc listings); Internet ( If you cannot obtain this file from other sources you can send a self-addressed-stamped envelope with a disk to the address in the “About” dialog box.

Thanks to our tireless translators for their work on preparing the language interfaces and documentation for Search and Replace and our other products. Write them if you are in need of localization services. Our group includes:




Holger Sehlke (

German interface & documentation

Bernard Meunier

French interface & documentation.

Bert Hankes

Dutch interface & documentation


Portuguese interface

Kristian Rudd

Norwegian interface

Koichi Yoshimura

Japanese interface & documentation

Mathias Thinsz

Swedish interface


Finally, thanks to you, our customers, for your suggestions & support!